Our Wellness-Oasis

Sauna, Relaxation, Well-being

Our small, but well equipped well-being oasis is the ideal place to end to your day. Because after a cold winter's day in the snow or a hard hike in Ötztal there is nothing better than a sauna session.

Opening Hours

From 3 pm till 8 pm – When the weather is bad please enquire

Sweat it out – Our Saunas

Finnish Sauna

The Finnish sauna is the classic sauna. With dry air and temperatures between 80 ° C and 100 ° C, you sweat quickly, doing something good for your body. Before taking a sauna, please take a look at our sauna rules: take a shower before the sauna, then 10 - 15 minutes sauna – you could possibly enjoy an infusion, cool down - take a shower and relax. This process can be repeated several times depending on your mood and physical well-being.

Steam Sauna

The steam sauna generates a gradual sweat at pleasant temperatures between 35 ° C and 55 ° C at almost 100% humidity – a ritual that was also practised by the Romans. The mild heat of the steam bath is good for the respiratory tract, has a relaxing effect on the muscles and regenerates the metabolism. Because of the lower heat, the steam bath is a good alternative to the Finnish sauna, especially for those who are sensitive to heat. In addition, the steam bath or caldarium can also be used well in preparation for the hot Finnish sauna.


Bio Sauna

The bio sauna is a gentle version of the Finnish sauna, in terms of temperature and humidity. The rooms temperature varies between 40 ° C to 65 ° C and a relative humidity of about 50%. This type of sauna is gentler on the circulation and is healthy and nourishing. Duration can be extended accordingly up to 30 minutes. The sauna rules and the process are the same.

Infrared Cabin

Infrared cabins belong to the most modern variants of the sweating parlours, at first glance have very little in common with the classics. But the infrared rays penetrate deep into the body and thus ensure a pleasant feeling of warmth and allow healthy as well as circulatory gentle sweating. The temperature in the infrared cabin is "only" about 30 ° C. The infrared rays are recommended especially after sports injuries, muscle pain, but also rheumatism and lumbago. Since summer 2018, two new, modern infrared cabins in our wellness oasis are available for your well-being.

Relaxation Room

You should rest for a while between the sauna sessions. Our relaxation room is available for you to put your feet up. Warm and pleasant in lighting, you can forget everyday life and indulge in peace and relaxation. Here you will feel right at home!